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    Posted by Stephen Adler on December 1, 2019, 9:28 pm, in reply to "Re: Flooding"

    Riverbender, Jay and the boys can take the dog outta the fight, but not the fight outta the dog.
    Kurt Prenzler and I don't quit; ask Fred Bathon,but we can talk more on private chat if you want.

    The whole Corps of Engineers situation is exceptionally frustrating Riverbender...the USACE believes the water God drops is the property of the United States government unless it happens to be in a taxpayer's basement, although they promised to find the money to pump tonight so Roadway can speed up the process to empty his yard.

    The Donald was in Afghanistan this weekend and they spent more on a bottle of Air Force One's Perrier water than it cost to turn on a 1 million dollar pump station put there to...pump storm water. Furthermore, who would build a pump station with that much money and budget nothing for electricity?

    Mike Bost will help fix this if enough taxpayers contact him; that man is capable of anything in government.

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