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    Posted by 3Dee on November 6, 2019, 6:02 pm, in reply to "Re: Governor of Kentucky!!"

    Trump hasn't lost ground among his supporters.

    It's true, his base is his base, and to his base, he can do no wrong. His base won't admit they made a mistake under any circumstances...lest a great deal of hypocrisy be exposed.

    That's okay, that amount has to be conceded. Some people will just stay with Trump no matter what.

    The boresome foursome will go to their grave for Trump...though Trump would double cross any one of them in a heartbeat. That's life.

    Can Trump win the Obama voters who crossed over? Can he win those pissed off Berniecrats - or keep them from showing up in protest?

    You say that Trump will win with even FEWER votes than before.

    A seemingly electoral landslide may look like a mandate, but it assuredly is NOT.

    He truly LOST the vote - when you count PEOPLE. He won by a technicality, where people in Wyoming get their votes to count three times as much as a voter in California.

    But if Trump gets any FEWER votes, that will not bode well for him in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and places like that. He won these places narrowly... any FEWER votes and those counties flip.

    In that time, a few more of his supporters also died...are you sure they were all replaced by Trump supporters?

    The Boresome Foursome will forget about all that, because all these empty counties were colored red, that it must mean that the world just loves the guy.

    He netted fewer votes, but happened to get the right votes in the right places -- in a system biased toward rural areas.

    It was far from a MANDATE..they don't want to come to grips that he was DAMN LUCKY.

    So if he maintains his base....he will likely lose. If he can con the swing voters who don't know any better into another vote, then he might have a chance.

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