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    Posted by Wally Bunker on July 25, 2019, 9:35 pm, in reply to "Mariano Rivera"

    I cant even think of a conservative athlete that has been a "hey look at me type as much as Rapinoe." If one does exist, id bet they werent or arent media darlings. Curt Schilling will answer political questions, or he used to anyway until he finally realized he was being set up each time. Even Schilling pretty much waited until his career was over. If the CEO of Chick Fil a is fair game for having the audacity of being pro life why should any one in society be given a free pass?
    People love sports because it usually gives them an outlet away from politics and other things they want a break from. At the end of the day, i dont care if a womans (is it PC to assume she identifies as a woman) soccer player likes Trump or not or whatever it is that NY doesnt like about Rivera. They can say and do whatever they damn well please, but they get no free pass because they can kick a ball or throw one well.
    I know a life long Cardinal fan that said he was done with them when i told them the owner was a die hard Republican. He just couldnt take it. I understand, i damn near feel the same way even if that is pretty sad. Im a Baltimore Orioles fan but the fact that the owner is a leftist POS really makes me a little closer to being a Yankees fan every day. Well that and the fact that the Orioles absolutely suck.
    The way to stop this is for the media to stop putting microphones in their faces and asking political questions, either in order to attack them or kiss up to them. ESPN has just decided to take politics out of their broadcasting day,because it was hurting them in the ratings. I think that was a smart move, because no matter what side you shill for you will still be pissing people off.

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