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    Posted by 3Dee on June 20, 2019, 7:43 pm

    Who says the left isn't as loony as the right?

    This is dangerous territory to be walking. It will hopefully weed out some of the loony candidates from the Demoncratic field of 2000... but if they think they are going to beat the man who put CON in RepubliCON... they are definitely going the wrong direction.

    I cannot think of one solitary benefit to reparations, especially if it is given in the form of direct cash payment.

    How does one even begin to qualify who is a descent of a slave owner.....to a descendant of a slave? Hell, some of my ancestors were still in the old Country after the Emancipation Proclamation was announced.

    This is also a slippery slope that will punish the United States out of Existence. Once the descendants of slaves have been granted reparation, then we have anyone with native American blood.

    Should people pay for their sins? In a perfect world yes. When the guilty parties have been gone for over five generations, I don't see how it is even possible to punish the guilty or reward the victims.

    This is a problem, but not one that government could solve.

    When government tried to solve the problem, they further divided cities and stored the poor in these high rise project houses. If you think the murder rate is high now....go back to the late 60's and early 70's.

    Unlike my right wing counterparts -- I still believe we are are brother's keeper and need to strive for solutions --- not just feed the poor, but to stop poverty at its source.

    We know that Casinos are not going to save blighted areas. Legalizing pot, is akin to selling drugs in order to pay the bills...but I'm for it if it keeps people from being locked in a cage for petty offenses ... Allowing strip clubs didn't work...

    So I don't see how a big six trillion dollar give away is going to make anything better either.

    Like the Casino Queen.... like legalizing video gaming.... like legalizing pot... These are band-aid measures that provide temporary relief but no long term benefit.

    This is one time I actually do not have a solution.

    If I did have a solution...about the only reparation I'd be good with is to take one trillion instead of six and see how it can be used to empower the poorest areas of the country. Don't call it reparation....call it an empowerment initiative.

    Reparation can do nothing but run afoul....the whole damn country will fall down a slippery slope of victimhood.....and once that happens, I hope we're all willing to learn either Mandarin Chinese or Korean...because at that point we will be so weakened....

    My heart will continue to bleed for the disadvantaged.....but I stand against racism and all the other ugly hate that Trump won't.

    And if I really did hate minorities and native Americans.... I would stand staunchly FOR reparations.

    Instead, I stand for empowerment....

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