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    Posted by Wally Bunker on June 7, 2019, 1:10 pm, in reply to "Re: Drunken Russians"

    Jeeez, stop with that, Uncle Joe recently stated that the Chinese are not bad folks, and that China is NOT competition for the USA.
    After Hunter biden got kicked out of the National Guard for doing a little coke, the old man let him tag along to China with him and without any business experience Hunter worked a 1.5 billion payout from the Chinese government. Then the boy wonder made a nice haul from the Ukrainians. Ok, so daddy might have threatened to cut off a billion dollars in aid to that country, but still.
    All during the cold war the Democrats loved the Russians, Gorby was an icon. Decades later during a debate with Romney, Obama and the media laughed when Romney said Russia was a major threat. But as soon as they needed a scapegoat, Russia becomes the evil empire and now it seems even poor little China is going to be an enemy now.

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