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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 6, 2018, 9:29 pm, in reply to "Extremely Pissed"

    I cant stand Democrats and i didnt bother to vote for Rauner because hes a do nothing dolt. The Democrats run the state GCAI, and Rauner
    wasnt even a small speed bump as far as they were concerned. Madigan took Rauners lunch, ate it front of him and then threw it up on him. Madigan runs the state, not Rauner, and not JB. I would have voted for Charles Manson over JB if he was still alive, but i couldnt make myself vote for Rauner again.
    JB will be a horrible Governor and Rauner was only slightly less horrible, so its no big loss. This state is beyond saving, certainly you know that. Its a sinking ship, a fiscal nightmare, and 90% of that is the Democrats fault. Why let Rauner take the blame for the inept leadership at the top of this state for decades???? Madison County didnt lose this race for Rauner, he never had a chance in hell from the day he announced he was running for Re Election. He could have received every single vote in Madison County and he still would have got his teeth kicked in.

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