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    Posted by Jack on October 28, 2018, 5:10 am, in reply to "Re: Hello, Mayor."

    I think he lays low as possible now days. He doesn't do well in public, and seems to struggle and stammer when approached with any tough or direct questions.

    The mayor out in Pontoon Beach has made him look like a bumbling fool (not intentionally of course). Just out performing him by leaps and bounds. The mayor of Pontoon seems to always make himself available to everyone who lives out there, and regularly informs the residents of all the goings on through video messages, and the people seem to really like and appreciate that.

    I watched a video he made not long ago that had been shared on FB where he reminded people to check their furnaces before it gets cold and for any elderly people who may need help getting theirs going to give him a call. Can you imagine having a mayor you could pick up a phone and call if you wanted to, or message him on Facebook and he actually answer you? This is all year round too, not just at election time. No wonder those people love that guy!

    I've been in several businesses downtown and the owners will tell you that our mayor has never even stepped foot through their doors. In a town this small, that's hard to believe. You would have to ask Brenda W. but I would bet you he has never went into her bookstore, or been into her newest place either. I highly doubt he's ever attended any function at the art center, and I've never read or heard a single word of appreciation or gratitude from him about all of her efforts in our city.

    I have heard so many people say they wish the mayor of Pontoon Beach could be mayor for our city too, and I have to agree with them. With the entire Pontoon Beach administration moving right into the seats of our council, and combine Granite City and Pontoon Beach as one, with mayor Pagano in charge of it all! You could bet the city would start to grow again, those people know how to get things done!

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