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    Hello, Mayor. Archived Message

    Posted by Billmac on October 27, 2018, 2:08 pm

    Since the word “Mayor” is being batted around, I thought I would ask the question: Where is our Mayor? Does he ever appear in public? I hardly ever hear of him working to do something for our city or attending a function. There was a great write- up in the Advantage newspaper on Brenda’s new business, as well as all the other enterprises she is involved with in Granite City. Not once did I see a quote from our Mayor in the story offering his support. Maybe I’m just not hooked up with all the things going on in the city. Maybe our Mayor is working day and night to make Granite City the best city we can be. If so, let’s get the word out. I’d like to know what is happening to my tax money. I’d like to know what the future of our city looks like. Someone tell us what’s going on. We need a newspaper so all citizens will be informed. I hate the silence.

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