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    Posted by GCAI on October 26, 2018, 2:47 am, in reply to "A msg for Ed Hagnauer..."

    K-mart closed cause the store was under performing.

    Shop'n'Save is closing cause they can not find a owner after the companty that owned them was sold to a new one & did not want stores just the wearhouses.

    Corral Liquors from my understanding the owner got in trouble cause of taxes.

    Gitcho's Gas he left on his own doing not cause anything else he closed down cause he wanted too.

    The Big Lot-That is going be a Sonic.

    I think we need alot here but, if the places near here do a drive test & see most of the people come from the area they are building then you not get it here. So, what you want to bring in the area if you had the job.

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