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    Posted by 3Dee on October 18, 2018, 8:01 am, in reply to "Re: Liberal elites"

    "Disrespectful and disgusting"? -- try reading Trumps daily tweets.

    Bingo! But Trump can do no wrong....! and neither can Rosanne, as long as she supports the teflon Don!

    I do agree with that.

    However, I do believe that there is a great deal of material out there that is just as offensive and racist that gets over looked each day.

    If I thought that ABC was acting on principle, I would fully support the decision. These decisions are made because ABC has no spine.

    If ABC had a spine......they would either keep her on board or get rid of her and anyone else who has ever made the same mis-step or had engaged in similar misconduct.

    I don't like Rosanne, she was an un-patriotic flag-denigrating 'so and so' long before she said that she was a Trump Supporter, de facto wanting the worst for America.

    I have no affinity toward her - though her show was good. I won't be watching the Connors. Sorry John Goodman.

    Rosanne was that show....I couldn't stand her, still can't stand her, but it's not that show without her.

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