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    Posted by 3Dee on October 18, 2018, 7:50 am, in reply to "Liberal elites"

    Liberal elites piss me off just as much as narrow minded conservatives; they are kissing cousins from their diametrically opposite points of view.

    I don't claim innocence from either, I just know when I am in a room full of liberals, I feel no more at home than I would at a tea party rally.

    As for Rosanne (so as not to make the topic about how I feel) -- I think it's all a little goofy myself. Either enforce a single standard - or let the ratings take their course.

    People do not make decisions on principle - they make them by listening to their lawyers or appeasing the loudest protestor, or if i am wrong - they definitely do it because of the advertisers who are their life-blood.

    Then again, it's not only the 'liberal elites' who embrace double standards.

    Roseanne made a mockery of our flag and anthem....but now that she supports Trump, she's all of a sudden a victim of the 'liberal media'.

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