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    Posted by Charko on September 27, 2018, 7:17 pm, in reply to "Corvette Book"

    Have you no shame? You just can't get enough. I don't think I have ever ran across anyone with the inability to be embarrassed. It's hard to believe with all you and yours have your hands dipped into, it's never enough. It's almost laughable that you come here trying to sell everyone your book, announcing they are available now, like we have all been waiting. Thank you for the warning about how they are printed in limited editions and will no doubt go fast, hahahahaha! Oh and how they would make great holiday gifts, laughing louder now. Yeah ok, let me wrap that up and stick it under the tree, I hope you are joking.

    What is it with people like you? Having a fair slice of the pie just isn't enough for you. You have a business that has given your family a nice life and it's still not enough, not even close. How many boards or committees do you sit on? You live in Granite City, but have slow and steadily weaseled your way to start grabbing slices out of the Pontoon Beach pie too. Even your elderly wife has taken up a spot at MESD, how the hell did you pull that off? What kind of experience does she have that justifies her in that spot? Just how many tax payer dollars are you both sucking up now? How many tax funded gigs do you have between the both of you? When will it ever occur to you both to pass the damn baton and give someone else these opportunities.

    You are both beyond retirement age, especially your elderly wife. God knows, this can't be about money, you make sure everyone knows you have plenty of that. You're insatiable and have no shame or embarrassment about it.

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