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    Posted by poor ol elroy on September 27, 2018, 10:57 am

    Most folks on GCG know who poor ol elroy is, and thats a good thing as Martha Stewart says.
    What most people dont know is that I started my career in the confines of the St. Louis Corvette plant in the canter of town. Yes, the plant used to be ours, and thanks to politicians, we lost it to Bowling Green, Ky.
    I have written a book about my trials and tribulations growing up inside the corvette plant, i was there 18 years, and there is a lot of imfo about my youth in Granite City.
    The books are available now, they are $25 each, or two for $55. They are printed in limited editions and will no doubt go fast. would make great holiday gifts. These books will no doubt go up in value, as I intend to run for office possibly as the govenor of Il., and we all know that I will end up in prison, its just an Illinois thing.
    If there is any interest in getting your hands on one of these future collectors items, let poor ol elroy know.

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