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    Posted by Elcooksta on September 19, 2018, 6:55 pm, in reply to "Re: Kavanaugh and Ford"

    The game is over... top down, its all gonna crumble and folks are gonna feel some pain.

    470 + 1 in Utah (Huber)

    New NSA inspector general

    The fairy tale is almost over and these people’s bigoted dollhouses are going to fall (you can spot a bigot really easy..just look for the virtue signalers, as most of the bigots occupy the left space of the political spectrum...it’s pretty easy to see... if the CTRL-LEFT cannot keep people in their black iron prison, they do things like you are seeing with Kavanaugh).

    Mueller’s false SC (created on false evidence, as you’ll see soon) and the poison fruit it has born is going to shock some people... and its gonna piss me off because Paul Manafort needs to fry (but he is cooperating, and if you actually look at data objectively...its all going back to the Clinton (and after she took defeat from the jaws of victory) Foundation (and subsequently another prominent foundation that all the CF money went to after she lost).

    The truth doesn’t care about your fairy tale. You are not special, or better than anyone. Your ideas for society are not the only one.

    And guess what (right or left), they lose..and you’re gonna see it.

    Take it to the bank

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