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    Posted by Slater on September 6, 2018, 10:41 pm

    Back to work now for maybe 3 months or so and now a possible strike. After years of being laid off, years of unemployment and not even six months back on and voting to strike or not. I know many of these people who claimed in all that time to be "laid off" and never even entertained the idea to go out to look for a different job.
    When does it cross over from being "laid off" to refusing to get a damn job? Maybe not a job at a steel mill, but any job that pays the bills.

    I don't get it. How do they go from being laid off years ago, and staying unemployed for years, standing in line at the exclusive (steelworkers) only food bank for gift cards and holiday hams and turkeys, holiday after holiday to getting called back after all those years, and in less than 4 months back at the job, actually think about going on strike with the holidays right around the corner, again. Steel workers b###hing and moaning about not getting a raise in several years. Welcome to the real world like thousands upon thousands of many others. B###hing and complaining about having to pay more for their health coverage, again welcome to the harsh reality of millions of others.

    I've been listening to these people trying to justify striking by talking about how dangerous and difficult their jobs are. Again, welcome to the same job conditions of thousands of others. For the most part, many of the steelworkers are not out exposed to the weather, they have a roof over their heads. It may get hot or cold as hell, but most are not outside being snowed or rained on. I can think of a lot more dangerous jobs than working in a steel mill.

    When entitlement and greed could possibly land them back in that unemployment line, they may want to think long and hard about that contract vote. The people of good ole GC just may not be as giving and understanding as they have been for the last 3 years. Many won't give a rats ass about the greed of the steel mill owners and CEO's, they keep comparing themselves to, because in the real world, that's pretty much how it works. When you own the sand pile, you pretty much get to set the rule for the sandbox, and get to set the price of the sand.

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