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    Posted by GLW on August 5, 2018, 6:05 am, in reply to "Left handed vs. right handed"

    I do believe this to be a correct route to pursue at this time whatusay. I do envision a classroom problem with a "left-handed-desk (if they do make such a desk at all)with seating students.

    Visualize a leftie entering a room and trying to take his/her seat in the classroom. They would have to enter from the left handed side of any room and have to wait until the right handed person (blocking the isle) was seated before taking his/her seat...for you see, this left handed person would have to enter from the isle-way to the left...because of the bar being on the opposite side of the desk. Yes, I do know this problem could exist in today's classroom...but it would be compounded with a left-handed-desk.

    Below is a link pertaining to the lefty's of today and this link is interesting say the least...and oh-yes, we are considered as being...more...creative...because you see...we are the only ones in our right mind. This is a little joke because the left-handed person is meant to use their right hemisphere of the brain and a right handed person uses their left hemisphere more...so...they...say.



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