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    Posted by GLW on July 31, 2018, 6:18 am, in reply to "Left handed vs. right handed"

    Well, it looks like you are correct whatusay...and to think I repaired hundreds of these desks.

    The following is an email I received from my supervisor friend...Brad


    "I saw the post on the gossip site. I can actually understand her issue. Most of the desk we bought for the high school are "wrap around" desk. The have a bar or arm rest on the right side but not on the left.

    For a right handed person, this provides a place to rest the elbow while writing. My dad was a leftie and I can remember him writing with his elbow off the desk or table.

    Some of the desk have a larger table top which helps some but I can definite see her point and had never heard that viewpoint before. It just never came up.

    Pictured are the types of desk we always purchased.

    Good to hear from you . Hope you are well old friend.


    OK, CHALK UP ONE FOR THE KIDS OF TODAY...I can not get the images from Brad in this post so I will just say, your point of view is very well expressed whatusay.


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