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    Posted by Wally Bunker on May 29, 2018, 11:51 pm

    So far the Cardinals seem to be getting by without DeJong which is a little surprising. The bullpen is a little bit of a mess, especially with Holland so far being a total bust. The kid that throws 105 miles an hour gets very few strike outs which may mean he doesnt get a lot of movement on his pitches to this point. Reyes return may one way or another be the deciding factor as to whether this team makes the playoffs or not. At this point id give them a 51% chance to make a Wildcard and maybe a 25% chance to win the division.
    If Holland turns it around which may be an iffy proposition and DeJong comes back and plays well that could push them to a division title. Carpenter seems finally to be coming around, now perhaps Wong will also. Im going to the Cardinals Cubs game on a Sunday sometime in June and I have to admit I will be pushing for the Cubs, though I hope Ozuna goes off because hes on my phantasy team.
    I havent been to a game in a few years and I didnt know about he preferred seating arrangement. It costs more to see the Cubs play the Cardinals than it does to see the Padres to give an example. Maybe I need to get out more, or maybe not with the tickets being so high. I guess I can swing the Grizzlies.

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