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    Posted by stephen adler on April 5, 2018, 8:07 am, in reply to "Re: Mr. Steve Adler"

    This has been a respectful dialogue, rare in politics today. Thank You.

    The Lake Drive Project IS the most expensive project to solve the Long Lake problem. Much of the expense is in ripping out Lake Drive, installing the conduits and the replacing the roadway with a new one. It's done that way because we don't want people losing yards. (or houses) Charles Juneau is the best civil engineer I've ever worked with. Period. Note that I didn't say cheap. If done, the project will work well.

    My sources say that due to the cost, the project is possible, but not probable.
    That's political-speak for: "The public hasn't demanded it."

    Daddy told me years ago: "Son, if the money's on the the table you need to think hard about not picking it up"

    I'm going to pick it up in a heartbeat, because I know that (respectfully, but I couldn't resist) A HorseGirl will learn to breed mules before that money comes back around to help those people.

    With respect, Mr Adler.

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