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    Posted by poor ol elroy on March 13, 2018, 11:48 am, in reply to "new tax hike"

    My take on this whole thing is as follows:
    In a short answer, im voting no as I personally feel that we are all being taxed to death. My home value in Granite City has been plumetting downward for years, i personally dont think I could get what i paid for it 13 years ago and thaat makes me very sad. People wonder and complain why we have so much rental property in town? this is one of the reasons, people want to make a change in location, cant sell, so they just rent their homes and move anyway. then the neighborhood goes to pot, literally.

    back in the sixties when the unions were at their peak, they pushed a lot of organizations into agreements that seemed sustainable at the time, but that time is gone. when i was finishing my career at GM, i was an elected official on a small scale. I said at a union meeting that we would soon have people working our jobs for half the pay, and that has came to pass. And please dont say that im against unions, because im not. they are needed in some areas and some i feel they are not. I couldnt imagine walking into any plant atmosphere without representation.
    Ive heard a great deal about private sector unions, and their pensions. we have some great friends that are teachers and firfighters, and they say the gub-a-mint has wasted what they have paid in, and now want to short them. I need to be more imformed on that to state any opinion. I read with great interest the money some of our public servants in the Chicago area are making as saleries, and what their pensions will be. Folks, let get real here, no one really needs a $250,000 pension per year. that is laughable, but it appears to be the case. That is what is ruining our state i guess. Now, that being said, let the person who would turn that down cast the first stone. Didnt think so.
    I dont want to, and hope I dont offend my friends and aquaintances with my NO vote on the new tax bill, I just personally think we cant take any more taxe hikes.
    lThis has really wore me out, cigar time and then a nap is in my future.
    on another note, the wife and I were asked to join them this past Sunday for brunch at the Cheshire Inn is St. Louis. we had a great time, but the whole time we were there, I kept marveling how great the place was, and all the surrounding areas were, and then had to come back to our dismal little hamlet, which by the way, would like to make better for us all. I dont think that can happen by giving us another mouthful of sugar with laced with terpintine.

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