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    Posted by The Thin Man on March 12, 2018, 7:11 pm, in reply to "Re: County board race"

    Susan Presswood - hairdresser, woman scorned (repeatedly), wife of FOIA information manipulating township supervisor, reprimanded by MESD for keeping the "metal money" and using district equipment for personal gain. Also sold out all his old buds at MESD by whispering into Prenzler's ear in hopes having his wife named as Hawkin's replacement after spilling his guts about who was doing what at MESD. That didn't work out too good.

    Randy Viessman - absentee township supervisor, as treasurer signed all the checks, any check for any reason. But we dont' know the depth of his shenanigans thanks to Presswood not releasing the forensic audit conducted by the same group who did the general audit. That is a big no-no and he knew it, he now hides the results.

    Helen Hawkins who threw a fit over the layoffs at the MESD. Honest, experienced and doing her job. Loyal to her husband for years. Not on the make in her younger days, a rabble rouser who fought the Mad Cow pension policies..oh how they hate her for that. She won't look the other way, won't keep her mouth shut...victim of failed attempt to injure her by 'SOMEONE' inside the Nameoki Township Office. Vaseline on an office floor of an 80 year old public record keeper...it's pretty clear who wanted her gone and commissioned the attempt.

    I pick Helen.

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