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    Posted by Wally Bunker on March 3, 2018, 2:39 pm, in reply to "Re: Snow FLAKES "

    Ya, the ones who treated Dana Loesch with chants of murderer while prompting each other to burn her were lovely kiddies werent they? Of course you support the ones that spew the same nonsense that you do, Duh. On one hand their little minds arent ready to own a gun until they are 21 but they are plenty old enough to set policy right? Taking advantage of kids when they are going through hard times is something that should have been expected of the Democrats, i know i would have been shocked had they not went that route. To push an agenda, its all hands on deck with those scum bags, and of course they knew damn well the teachers unions would be on board along with the MSM.
    I had no problems with the students being heard, and most of the ones Trump met with were respectful and had diverse views. Where they acted like little thugs is in the meetings where they felt they were in control, a whole room of them with adults egging them on against one small woman, or with Rubio who would not engage them back after they started with the wise ass comments. Broward Coward, Sheriff Israel saw an opportunity to divert blame from his Department and to put it on 5ft. 2 120 lb. Dana Loesch and he didnt hesitate for a second. Jake Tapper of course was more than willing to serve her up. When it really mattered he didnt do a damn thing of course. Funny how that works.

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