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    Posted by Wally Bunker on March 2, 2018, 12:04 pm, in reply to "Snow FLAKES "

    Minus the indoctrination centers that start in Pre School the Snow Flakes would not be nearly as screwed up as some of them are now. The goal of the NEA and the teachers unions is clear. They want to mold as many of these students as possible into being good little Socialists.
    They push "Group Think" on students and are the least tolerant people on the planet. In one of the east coast states the schools are pushing what they call "Gender Identity" on grade school kids, and DO NOT involve parents. This is how arrogant these bas***ds are anymore. They poke and prod Johnny to identify as a girl if he chooses and if he wants to change his color too, thats fine. Its as though whatever the sickest thing one of these leftist loon groups comes up with, that should be the new norm as far as they are concerned.
    You saw how the MSM fawned over N. Korea and Kims crazed sister as though she was some kind of rock star during these record breaking awful Olympics. No doubt about it, many of these teachers are propping Kim and his insane regime up, simply because of the hate they have for Trump.
    Leftists are not complacent, they are pervasive and under every rock. They are inherently evil, and they never rest. I see them as being much like radical Islamists in that they will do whatever they must to succeed.

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