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    Posted by Chris on January 28, 2018, 1:09 pm, in reply to "Injured Pontoon Beach officer"

    Here is the latest update from Mayor Pagano

    Hey all. Day 4. First of all the posts and messages have been overwhelming to say the least. Over 1000 likes alone yesterday and 500 shares on my post! I have been flooded with calls and messages that I have not been able to look at them all. If I have not contacted you back it's because I just have not gotten to it yet! Sorry. Thank you for your continued support for Officer Brousseau! Here is the update on his condition. Yesterday his breathing tube was taken out and he is breathing on his own which is great news!! He was slowly coming out of sedation and was wandering what happened. He is confused which is normal. He is getting information as needed. He is still in a terrible amount of pain with multiple surgeries to go still. He is a Warrior and a fighter! There are a lot of fundraisers being planned and I just cannot get on top of all the requests right now! I do know next Friday morning ftom 6am-9pm there will be a Dine and Donate at Uncle Linnys. There will be T shirt sales and Lindy will be donating 15% of all sales to the family and all T shirts sales will be at 100% to the family. Thank you Shirts Galore for your awesome donation! I cannot thank Lindy enough. He is a huge supporter of our community!! So I know there are many fundraisers planned but this is the only one that I am a part of at this time. Thank you all for your continued support for Lee and Amy.

    Mayor Pagano

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