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    Posted by 3Dee on January 19, 2018, 10:02 pm, in reply to "Re: No welfare payments from STL"

    I'll just have to hope the corporations take the high road.

    They've already demonstrated their ability to do that already.

    I don't want anything named after me....I'm the one paying the tab. I'll let the welfare rats emblazon their names on building, so the world knows who the real takers are.

    It's going to get worse, that every company is going to want cities to give them billions to come to town.

    Go ahead and cheer them on.... they love you, I'm sure. As long as you're worried about someone who gets a few dollars in aid for their daily bread, they can rob your community of millions or billions... I guess in this case St. Louis doesn't have to worry. Welfare rats took the bypass route from Nashville to Chicago.

    Matter of fact, I think Amazon has it already figured out, but they want to see how much more they can milk out of a community first.

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