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    Posted by poor ol elroy on January 4, 2018, 4:25 am, in reply to "Re: When The Standards Fall"

    agree wholeheartedly, the thing that disturbs me is that we keep electing the same old crowd. even more disturbing is that only about 28 percent of the cities population will go to the poles.
    oh, i forget that for the most part, renters dont vote. currently the town is about 55 percent rental i believe
    as weve talked about before, when a person wants to move but cant sell their home, some will stay and just be sad, others will move and just rent the place. And the cycle just gets worse. I dont think there is a magic pill for it.
    Ive already got my home bought in another town, and visit frequently, still resisting to pull the plug, but its getting more likely every day.
    Wait, didnt this happen in East St. Louis about 50years ago?, yeah, hey i think were onto something here. there was once a man and woman who owned an almost mansion on tenth street in East St Louis, it was the father of one of my customers. It was a large federal looking house with big white stately pillars. the man worked at the mill and his house was his life.
    Finally, the disgusted and broken man sold his beloved house for a mere pittance of what it should have been, moved to GC. Most of us value our home as our greatest importance.
    uhhhhh, we might be in twrouble peoples lol.

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