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    Posted by MrSmith on January 4, 2018, 12:45 am, in reply to "When The Standards Fall"

    Opie2, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed the Maryland Manner apartments. It has became an eyesore to the area, and has deteriorated to the point it screams HUD.

    Another example sits on Maryville Rd near the college. This property use to be some kind of Finance company where a red sports car use to be parked everyday. I remember the license plates on the car said MONEYMAKER. That once commercial property has been allowed to be turned into apartments. The more fitting name would be SLUM-parments. They have tin foil covered windows, shredded blinds and heaps of trash sitting outside the place. This sits on a main street in the town, it's embarrassing. I'll never understand why this is being allowed.

    I am beginning to believe this city may be a hopeless case. When the administration no longer cares, the residents fall into this same mind set. I never thought I would ever become dissatisfied living here, or embarrassed to live here. I was born and raised here, getting ready to retire here. But I can't see myself staying here even after all these years. My 401K is thriving, and my property value here is tanking. The property taxes are assessed like this city is a highly desired area for the privileged. This isn't just an economy problem, this is an administration problem.

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