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    Posted by GLW on December 4, 2017, 2:53 am, in reply to "Re: Found a Cat"

    Good Morning Millgirl and All:

    I have tried this link with no success...for all (9 in all) of my old searches (on genealogy) did come up. I am doing something wrong...somewhere. I will place my email addy at the bottom of this post so that anyone reading this message and wanting to assist in getting KittyCat home to where he/she really belongs...will be able to assist in these efforts.

    I would like to see KittyCat returned to his/her rightful owner. What would be nice...if possible, is to have you (Millgirl) to send an email to me...with this facebook link in it so that I can Copy & Paste this link into a search engine and to continue to locate this kittens rightful owner.

    As far as the proper sex of KittyCat, at present this is unknown. The lady working at the veterinarian's office did try and to assist in identifying "What Sex KittyCat Is"...could not I identify and pin this down either, but the lady did think that KittyCat was female???.

    My email address is (all lower case letters) time4u1@sbcglobal.net...do make sure you do use all small letters in my addy so that this email will each me...and I can reply to you.

    Thanks in your assistance Millgirl...and All.

    Gregg Weeks

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