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    Posted by GLW on December 5, 2017, 4:17 am, in reply to "Re: Found a Cat"

    To all that have taken the time to respond this search process...KittyCat does thank you from the bottom of her little heart...and I thank you also.

    I do have the link that Chris sent and I did go into FaceBook yesterday and at first glance, I did not see KittyCats former home...but Chris & all, I will not give up...and I will add this link into my daily searches that I do searches of.

    Wally & Chris & Bob & Millgirl & Julie good thoughts from all on finding KittyCats former home or and or/coments from all...and, I too have a dog (Annie the Whippet)...and she loves to bark at cats...but, the cat & dog have finally reconciled and do live in harmony with each other in our home.

    I might add, Annie was a stray that picked up on me (while on vacation) about 4 to 6 hears before I retired from the Granite City School District #9...and I would take Annie on my 4:30 AM morning walks hoping that someone would recognize and claim her. Not muck hope of this happening at 4:30/5:00 AM...but it worked...and she was seen by a former owner...but they did not want Annie (Pepper, her former name)back so I did keep her... Annie is one very, very intelligent dog. Incidentally, Annie The White Whippet & I still take our morning walks.

    In closing, if I cannot find her former owner/s...I will just keep KittyCat.

    Gregg (GLW)

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