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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 18, 2017, 10:31 pm, in reply to "Anti-bullying Task Force"

    Once again, hes in a defensive mode, going so far as saying Granite City isnt the only place with a problem. Yes, we understand that Mr. Greewald, but your job isnt to concern yourself with other areas, you seem to have more than enough problems with Granite City.
    It at least appears because of all the attention, this problem is finally receiving the attention it warrants. I for one would like to give this task force a chance to see if it is going to be a positive step. This needs to be ongoing and not just something designed to get the heat off the school administrators until this blows over.
    Ultimately the citizens of Granite City will have to decide if these new efforts are sufficient are not, and i imagine we will hear from them if they are not satisfied. For better or worse, no longer will hushing everything up ever be accepted again.
    Its not an easy situation to gain control of especially after the bullies have by all appearances had a fairly easy road up to this point. Nobody wants to give up power once they attain it,even 12 year old kids. But its like the old saying, its better late than never, so maybe the tide will turn against these little hooligans that like to bully.
    Im not sure if anyone agrees with this, but id rather toss 20 juvenile delinquent asses out of school, before losing even one responsible student. Let the parents of the trouble making kids be the ones worrying about what to do next, instead of the parents of a student getting pummeled every other day.

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