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    Posted by Open Minded on October 21, 2017, 5:19 pm, in reply to "The Cowgirl Congresswoman"

    I agree that the Congresswoman's comments served no purpose other than to detract attention from the tragic loss, if she and the widow were offended by something Trump said they should have handled it privately. It's not a stretch to think that Trump's communication style and choice of words could offend, especially if it's true that he didn't know La David Johnson's name.

    If Trump was smart (ha, he's clueless) he would have called La David's wife back and apologized if his words were misunderstood. Trump is always too concerned with being right instead of doing the right thing.

    You say "let the man do his job".... he's incapable, he is his own worst enemy. If Trump chooses to visit the DMZ during his November trip, they better duct tape his mouth shut.

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