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    The Cowgirl Congresswoman Archived Message

    Posted by Opie2 on October 21, 2017, 1:45 pm

    So the latest attack on Trump once again comes from a black congresswoman who likes to wear kiddie cowboy hats.

    Here's a question for the liberals who have jumped on the BS bandwagon. Do you honestly think Trump treated this widow differently than the others he's had to contact during his tenure? In April he contacted a woman who was also black and had a long conversation with her about her "heroic" husband. No President is going to demean the loss of a combat veteran unless of course someone wants to take his comments out of context.

    I remember President Obama saying, "police officers know what the risk they take and take it anyway". It's a compliment in both cases.

    One thing for sure, the left is using the strategy of , " when there's no real bullets in the gun, point it at someone and hope they faint".

    It's getting old and while they'll never give the guy any kind of break, they are only making his followers more determined to support him.

    He's made some mistakes. So did Obama, Bush, Clinton, Lincoln and Washington. Let the man do his job or nut up and go for impeachment if you really have a case.

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