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    Posted by JM on October 16, 2017, 4:49 pm, in reply to "Worthen School"

    By hook or by crook, whatever it takes or in this case, took. Everyone was sick of that nasty old location and outdated building, so an idea was born.

    Let's change up the good ole Granite City school district and get rid of all schools. Let us call them "learning centers" and create a huge cluster #uck of a mess with our bus routes and start times. Then we can claim we don't need so many "learning centers" and we can snag the building of our choice.

    Lets vote, raise your hand in the air, who wants the Wilson location? No? Me either. Who wants Frohardt? No? Me either. Ok, who wants Maryville? Yeah, I'd like that one too, but the people will never stand for that. So, who wants Prather? Thank God, me either! Well, we can't pick Mitchell, that place is too new. That leaves us Worthen, not too old, not too new, and a great location.

    Folks, that's how we get what we want in the GC school district. Now don't pay attention while we bus your brats across this town and back, on hour long bus routes in order for us to get our hands on this building. Never mind the fact that the youngest kids in the district are bussed to the shitt*est part of the city to attend kindergarten.

    I'm making a Weather Vane run.....milk shake anyone?

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