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    Posted by Wally Bunker on September 28, 2017, 3:45 pm, in reply to "Re: Football"

    Losing a professional sports franchise is never easy for a city,im sure Los Angeles fans didnt like when the Rams bolted to St. Louis. They probably said lots of unflattering things about Georgia when she uprooted the Rams and brought them here. I dont know if she was seen as a shifty con woman or not, but fans are going to be mad at who they want to be mad at. The football fans in St.Louis didnt care how they got there, just that they had a team once again. Thats how it usually works, its a brutal cut throat business. Kroenke lied all along about his intentions while secretly wanting the hell out of St. Louis, but he had an out clause that Bernie Miklasz said was foolishly agreed to by many leaders of the city. An arbitrator said the city MUST fork over 700 million to refurbish the Dome, and wisely they said no. That was the beginning of the end. Once Jerry Jones gave his blessing to the move the other owners fell in place and that was that.
    As for as being a St. Louis sport team hater, that would be 100% true when talking of the baseball team with the exception of a few players. As a 5 year old i loved the old Hawks, i liked the name Zelmo Beatty as a 5 year old and they were the first pro team i ever saw play. I later liked the Spirits and Marvin Barnes. I didnt care about the Big Red, in fact my dad liked them so much i became a Packers fan and i thought Bart Starr was the greatest. I knew all the players before i was ten years old, and that always fascinated my parents because i was not quite as spiffy on my school work. The Rams i never hated, in fact i usually figured out a way to have Faulk on my roto team so i didnt care if they won or not if he did well. The Blues i started liking after i went to a game kicking and screaming. I wound up loving that old dump they played in and i thought #7 Gary Unger was the man. Of course they have never won anything and maybe they never will.

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