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    Posted by Wally Bunker on September 28, 2017, 1:09 am, in reply to "Re: Football"

    Then on top of it they want to lie about it. Oh its not anti cop, Yet Kaepernick wore black socks with blue pigs on them. Oh and its not anti flag, or anti anthem, yet that is the exact time they chose to have their little fit. Im sure they have enough resources to rent a building and have their protest on their own time, but they wont ever do that. Now the owners will be handing BLM and Antifa free tickets so that it wont look like the crowds are down. As a lifelong Packers fan i will focus on just the Packers and will be watching and hoping Aaron Rodgers gets carried off the field on a stretcher. I dont expect as much from the few other idiots on that team so i dont blame them as much. The players are now being coached by the ACLU, The Hollywood Elites and evry other group that has their own agenda to push. They could care less about these dumb shits, but they see an opportunity.

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