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    Posted by 3Dee on September 25, 2017, 5:01 pm, in reply to "The Cliques of GCG"

    I am not of the belief there are cliques on GCG,m but there may be factions out side of GCG grinding their axes here. Some of them are one-dimensional posters who don't come for the conversation but come singularly to grind their axe and only come out when that topic is being addressed. Those types of posters are the most annoying of all....they prevent the community from interacting/bantering...and provide nothing to the community but their agenda....all the time.

    1. Nameoki - I could care less about that rinky-dink operation. I don't wish it harm or bad things to happen (unless they scrap Township Government) - but the pettiness is annoying. I have no sides on the matter. If I make any comments, it's truly me being facetious most of the time. I truly don't care.

    2. Pontoon Beach -- I'll never make the mistake of equating it with Nameoki Township ever again -- I'm happy to hear the pettiness there has subsided to a point where things are happening there and some proud people have taken over -- at least what I see of it.

    3. Granite City -- I love Granite City and proud of that city. Eddie is not the be all, end all of the operation - but I think he has done a good job. Remember, you can't legislate community pride - some people have to be willing to take pride in their corner of the world -- whether they own or rent it.

    4. Trump --- Elect a clown, expect a circus. He's a disaster -- worst in my life time. He has no class, no ideas, is a bottom feeder feeding off peoples' fears, their racism, and their (willful) ignorance. I can't stand they guy..and think that Hillary was stink, but Donald is the real hot mess.

    5. Madison and Venice -- I'm pessimistic at this time... Until the St. Louis region does better -- I can't have my high hopes or grandiose ideas of how the Tri-Cities can be this city on a hill, shining from the flats. At this time -- God help them all......

    6. St. Louis -- I am not a fan of the rioting and protestors - but they're the ones who will get $#!+ on by the media. As usual, there is a group who never get a second thought -- usually the group that avoids all burden and enjoys all privilege.

    I have people who are my own blood who have left Granite City --- and who come back to family gatherings and condescend to spend a few hours with their 'hoosier' family. You think I'm condescending --- I'm just facetious and doing a bad job at being funny. Some of these people who got their ticket to Ladue or East Ladue (somewhere in District 7) really act like they're encountering a big pile of dog by product when they have to come into contact with Granite City.
    I'm out of the area myself....but I still love Granite City --- can't take it out of me.
    But it's a larger St. Louis problem - a mentality between the haves and the have nots.... the "Places that have a Dierbergs vs. the ones where Dierbergs has yet to locate when hell freezes over." There are two experiences of 'white St. Louis' between the 'places with Dierbergs vs. the Hoosiers." and then I can't even speak for the reality of black St. Louis or being of any other nationality or race in St. Louis.

    St. Louis is a big small town -- but far more segregated than most cities...not just by race...but by 'class'.

    You would think them Cardinal fan are friendly folk -- but put 5 Cardinal fans from Ladue, 5 from North St. Louis, 5 from Granite City, and 5 from Red Bud in a party box --- and make sure you've left a fly on the wall.

    So if the above six positions put me in a clique unbeknownst to me -- so be it..... but I often don't have success making friends on GCG or getting inducted to cliques. Often, I'm used to having five people with opposing viewpoints debating me at once.

    Wouldn't have it any other way.

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