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    The Cliques of GCG Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on September 25, 2017, 1:58 pm

    This site is very entertaining and different from any ive ever seen. We have several cliques and hell, im as guilty as most everyone else. Some love Ed, some hate Ed, some love Helen others dont love Helen. Some are loving the Nameoki Township changes, others not so much at all. Some clique members will only comment when they feel the coast is clear and that someone they dont want to offend is not around. Again, ive done that myself and its weird. On Facebook people say what they want to say and to hell if someone may not like it or not. There are a zillion sites on FB and most of them are just brutal. In here it gets that way with the township, but even a troll like myself tries to get along despite disagreeing with even my cliques quite often.
    Just for the record, im not real keen on the Township changes, i like having a new County Chairman, i like Helen fine. Im a bit fluxed because im struggling to find someone in here to actually hate. I hate 99% of what Dee says but i like Dee, and yes im sure the feeling is mutual, except for maybe the liking me part.
    I find myself agreeing with Opie most of the time and when i dont i just simply bite a hole in the side of my mouth to try to get along. Worker and Sir are amusing and they post some great stuff. Radio Head another favorite is AWOL. Many others are just major pluses to this site.

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