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    Posted by MeadowMutt on July 26, 2017, 1:16 am, in reply to "Re: Lay offs - MESD"

    I'm not the one that has the problem with the party at the beach, but I think you already know that. Re read the post you old goat and try to keep up. It is Elroy that has had the problem with the village and the administration and the party at the beach.

    He has called the event a drunken hoosier fest in previous posts. He also insulted the entire village and it's residents for attending it and living in the village.

    If you actually read the post above calling him out about his new attitude change, you would have figured this out.

    "hoosier fest full of drunken trash" are not my words, only my quotes off of HIS post. So the sour grapes you mention, must have puckered his mouth at one time, but since he is getting paid by the village now for "inspections" those grapes aren't quite as sour now days. Ever since, the villagers aren't so trashy after all. The administration, trustees and Mayor are now, all good up standing folks.

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