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    Re: The 3Dee exit Archived Message

    Posted by AdminGCG1 on March 30, 2017, 11:01 pm, in reply to "Re: The 3Dee exit"

    You are correct Opie2, it has been a long time since we banned anyone. 3Dee has not been permanently banned, just given a brief time out. We welcome him back. Please know we do not run interference on the threads posted to the board, and we appreciate the same consideration from our users. If a member doesn't like a thread, post or topic they are not required to read it or respond do it.

    No one is pulling our strings, as a matter of fact, we aren't very popular with Nameoki Township as of the last few weeks. As owners of this Discussion Board, we are not immune to backlash and criticism because we will not censor, shut out or interfere with what our members have to say.

    There should be no interference or manipulation, either from us or our members, resulting in buried threads.

    We hope everyone understands and continues to join in the conversations.

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