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    Posted by Nick on March 29, 2017, 8:51 pm, in reply to "Re: Elections"

    Once friendly is correct 4 years ago I supported Elaine-- she lost and I was liked here 4 years ago when I supported Elaine

    I have been in the tax office spoke with everyone there no issues going on in there I know Elaine says the budget is too high but the employees are full time now

    I learned at the meetings that Elaines budget was smaller one of the reasons her budget was smaller she was appointed after macious lost the position and her salary and benefits was paid from the general fund not budgeted in the Tax office budget till after the election

    That would have made her budget look smaller but if you add her salary to the tax budget when she was in office it would be lot higher than the numbers recorded during her time there

    The budget that is being told when she was in office is not totally accurate add her salary in there to get a true number

    I feel they both have done a good job just because I am not supporting Elaine now that's a problem and I am the bad guy now

    I have never said anything negative about the Moores Don told me and many others he was going to hire a vet instead he hired his wife

    Don was punitive about Tammy having two job with the township he abused his authority by making her cut the grass on the lift station with a 20 mower and the weeds were 12-18 inch high when all my years here it as cut with a brush hog.

    I came to her defense at the meeting when I seen that do you all here think that was ok to do what he did-- if that happened to you at your job or your mom or dad you would be pissed off why do you all here condone his treatment of his employees that way

    The worker picking up trash on the side of the highway everyone here knows what that's about you all just look the other way because you all are friends with the moores

    He is abusing his authority because he had Luehmanns sign in his yard

    I had an issue with Tammy holding two positions but the lawyers approved her holding two positions if elected but to abuse your authority like he did is not showing leadership

    Don made an issue of Tammy using the ladies room in the office was that showing leadership?

    It was just not wise on Dons part either no man in authority should pick that as in issue especially in todays PC climate cant use the ladies room that's crazy and asking for trouble

    Even Ray Charles can see through that one

    If Tammy was not doing a good job that's one thing but to pick issues like this to harass her as an employee is not leadership

    I have never made an issue on dons married life I just pointed out how he ran the Hwy dept

    You all are just angry that I am supporting Leuhmann because I think don is not up to the job

    This is America we debate choose who we think are the best one for the job-- I don't know Charlie don or Mel personally

    You all are just angry because I am in ememy territory and pointing out the last 4 years of how the HWY Dept has been run

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