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    Posted by Speaking Out on March 29, 2017, 6:24 pm, in reply to "Elections"

    Me too Ms! I have became so aggravated and disgusted at the new level of low that a couple of candidates have stooped to.

    I have around 40 years worth of living in Pontoon Beach so far. I have witnessed and voted in plenty of elections through out my life. But, I have never witnessed or voted in an election that has bred such hatred and contempt. This makes the election between Mayor Pagano and Jim Denham look like a day at the park.

    The admiration and trust I had for our former Police Chief Charlie Luehmann came to an end when he proved he could, and would crawl under the gutter to try to win an election. The decision he made in an attempt to destroy the character of his opponent screams to me that he does not have the ability to get elected on his own character, experience and knowledge of that position. So, he decided to take the low road out of desperation, and that poor choice speaks enough about his character to me that I would never vote for him in any election, for anything. I'm relieved knowing that he is no longer part of our village police department.

    After reading all these posts and listening to the talk around the village and township, this election will go down in history. The embarrassing shenanigans that Viessmann has allowed to continue out of that office by the staff will also go down in history.

    The newest poster on our once friendly discussion board Nick, will also go down in history as a friendly reminder of how we should never take for granted the humor in nonsensical ramblings from people like him and our beloved Geno.

    6 days and counting!

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