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    Posted by Nick on March 29, 2017, 7:39 am, in reply to "Re: Calling all Teamsters"

    Hey I agree with you on one thing I have seen government employees stand one working and 4 standing around texting

    I hope Charlie puts a stop to that if and when its on township time

    Iam like you I don't like my tax dollars wasted and its sad too when most of the township workers are politically connected

    In my opinion since these are politically connected jobs I would want to think that they would want to go the extra mile and not do that what is being said of them because it makes their positions and their connection look bad but it don't work that way how sad

    When I was 16 I worked for my dad who was tax assessor in nameoki township who retired in 1973 I believe he served 24 years

    I worked about 3-4 days till there were complaints about me on the pay roll guess what my dad let me go

    I was only going to work through the summer and measuring houses for tax purposes he had to hire someone else

    Its hard for whoever is in charge to run an effective crew when it is a political or family business

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