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    Posted by Informed voter on March 28, 2017, 9:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Calling all Teamsters"

    Harm to your reputation?
    Suffering, humiliation and mental anguish?

    Schmoe, weren't you skirting around this domestic issue just last week? Now you have all of Charlie's ducks in a row, exactly as he instructed you to do.

    This is the most obviously orchestrated smear campaign, launched precisely one week prior to the election, that I have personally witnessed first hand.

    Does your union contract specifically express that you are not to pick up trash? Or what tasks are assigned to what level of seniority? If you have been there for three years, this means young Mr. Mike Pagano is probably low man on the totum pole, and you're upset because he wasn't assigned to cleaning a machine or picking up trash? Will you be asking him to testify on your behalf?

    I have personally witnessed five Nameoki Township highway department employees working together on one job. One actually working, two perched against trees while texting on their phones and the other two leaning on shovels. All killing off the last hour so they would not return to the garage too early. Which one were you? Did you feel humiliated then? Was the work too hard for someone so clearly out of shape?

    You should be thankful for the paycheck you are provided from my tax dollars. You should be thankful for the fine medical insurance you receive from my tax dollars. You are the worst kind of union employee, one that validates the typical lazy union worker persona. If you think any decent union brother or sister would cheer you on in this pathetic attempt to rob from my tax dollars or their's, you are sadly mistaken. Those monthly union dues do something to the less educated union employees, it gives them a distorted sense of entitlement and security.

    Yesterday, you and Mr. Luehmann shot yourself in the foot with the ridiculous article in the BND, this afternoon you finished the job. Please continue to push any undecided voters into the Moore column. You're too foolish for your own good.

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