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    Posted by horseygirl on March 28, 2017, 2:14 pm, in reply to "Re: The BND Article"

    Thanks for asking, Opie--here's my opinion, and why.


    Randy Presswood. We started this election season together, with a few others, as separate concerned citizens with a mutual concern about what was happening at Nameoki Township.

    I like and respect Danny Kreher and his past services to our community,and his son's. But his late entry in to the race is now splitting the votes, and my prayer is that Viesmann doesn't squeak through the winner because of it. I'm not the only one concerned.

    Mr. Viesmann still seems assured of his victory, when in all honesty he shouldn't have even been allowed on the ballot. But, as their spokesperson has told me on another site, "they don't lose".

    Danny being put forward by the same political group that also handed us Randy V., Charlie, Tammy, Dan and the other nodding heads doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about their attempted placement of Danny, either.

    Sorry, Mike, Terry, Chris. I just can't agree with you on this one. You guys putting up Danny at the last minute almost looks intentionally counter-productive to getting Randy V. out.

    I hope no one who may have been pressured to put his sign in their yard actually votes for Randy V. or any of his group. It will all be okay if he doesn't actually pull any votes, but we all know they are out there for him--bought and paid for.

    Danny Kreher's real and best service to our community, at this point, would be to drop out and let Randy Presswood, who has committed himself to this task for many, many months now, be our Supervisor for a term.

    Why is it that damn important to the VIP party, or whatever they're calling themselves, now, to have THEIR person in place, when there is this much at stake??

    We really can't risk Mr. Viesmann pulling this one off. We really can't.

    We all like Danny Kreher very much, but he didn't step forward in time and this time we need Mr. Presswood as a sure thing.

    Danny, please do the right thing for the voters of Nameoki Township. If Presswood does a crap job, I'll be the first one looking for a replacement.



    Janine, let's go ride our horses together, sometime!! You seem nice--but you really don't want to be politically associated with that bunch. Maybe you just don't know. If you do, and still do? Hmmmmmm.....

    Roads Commissioner:

    Don Moore is our best choice, by a very large margin.

    Charlie is a turd with no qualifications for the job and additional pension he seeks. Hopefully a toasted turd, done like Denham.

    I hear he wants to run for Mayor of Pontoon Beach at some point, and replace Mike. Hahahahaha. You think I'm working hard against him NOW??? Lol.....

    And if Charlie DOES win? I'm going to be wanting to hire Mel Moore as the office manager for the entire Township, if she'll take it.


    Elaine Beckland is our best and only choice. Our dedicated, home-town, full-time, sweet as sugar-pie, smart as a whip former assessor who Tammy so fiendishly got knocked off the ballot last time (for not living in the village because her house wasn't done yet, by a week or two for the deadline--go figure) and had to run as a write in.

    Tammy, according to her friends, doesn't live here anymore and her house is rented to another high profile family in town. Idk, really--perhaps someone with authority should really look in to that situation. (Ironic with what she did to Elaine last election with the residence laws)

    And apparently her biker buddies call her and her boyfriend in Grafton "husband and wife"? When his name was searched on a public record site, he comes up as possibly being related to the Hanfelders? How could that be? Idk. Someone with authority should really look in to that one, too.

    Foremost, she has now proven herself to be another of the game players in the office with the other girls against Mel and Don.

    Go home, Tammy. You shouldn't even be on the ballot. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. for the taxpayers from the get-go.

    As for the trustees. Myself and others are only voting for two--me and Ernie. All the other spaces we're leaving blank.

    Let those who support those guys sort them out themselves. We'll have plenty of trustees to run against them next time, I'm already getting messages.

    We weren't really a ticket when we started this, but I guess we are now. The peoples' best choice for good government in Nameoki Township this election. Thank you for your support.

    Please tell your friends and help get the right people elected FOR the people on April 4.

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