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    Posted by horseygirl on March 28, 2017, 3:43 am, in reply to "Re: The BND Article"

    You are absolutely right, Schmuck, because she had been warned that those witches in the front office were going to try and set her up to fail before the election.

    She had been warned.

    But what you don't seem to get, is that you aren't just messing with her--your non-cooperation in services have cost the taxpayers. If not money, thankfully, then respect. We the people deserve better.

    Mels mistake, and it was grievous, was completely accidental. I can forgive that, because....

    The crappy behavior of the front office girls that led to Mel's mistake was completely intentional and meant to do harm.

    But that silly crap doesn't just harm Mel, that job performance is also not in the best interests of the taxpayers. That kind of workplace environment is toxic and counter-productive to the smooth operation we pay for and deserve.

    In other words, I can forgive an honest mistake, especially if it was orchestrated, willfully, by someone else.

    THAT'S the person who I think needs fired--the one who had it in their possession, knew it needed to go out, and let it sit.

    That person couldn't even bother, for what she gets paid, to make a single phone call, even when it became concerning that yes, Mel might be letting it go too long without making sure it had been handled. Yep, it was important, and Mel must have forgotten that it was still sitting there in your drawer. Maybe she even assumed it had been mailed from the front, like in the past.

    Her mistake--a big one. And instead of being concerned for the taxpayers, or for the employees who may have been affected, you were dancing with glee and still doing nothing to correct the situation.

    Play those games at home. Our township office in it's entirety is a real job, with real responsibilities, as an entity, to the taxpayers, to do your best job for the people.

    Mel made a mistake. You were making sure of it, on purpose. YOU are the evil employee, here.

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