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    Posted by Informed voter on March 24, 2017, 5:33 pm, in reply to "Re: Independent "

    I am someone who will not vote for anyone who has ties to the hijinx of the women in the front office at the township. I understand the woman who is suspected of all of this mess that is being discussed on this message board is the mother in law of Kreher's son.

    This means more sweeping of trash under the carpet. Documents will go missing and she will be sitting in there for the 2021 election. It will be impossible for these allegations to be investigated with any honesty by Mr. Kreher. If he is claiming he would jeopardize this woman being imprisoned if these allegations were found to be true, I do not believe it.

    Who would send their son's mother in law, the grandmother of his son's children to the penitentiary? I do not buy it.

    We need honesty and transparency. We need a line by line audit of all expenditures from the General Assistance Fund as well as the General Fund. Not the obligatory, do these columns add up, kind of audit. But a line by line examination of each expenditure and the documentation to back it up.

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