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    Posted by Opie2 on March 19, 2017, 7:56 pm, in reply to "Mayor race"

    Opie you continue to want info on art but give nothing of why ed should be in four more years after 12 of doing nothing.

    Your original post was in support of Art and bashing Ed. Back up your original post by saying what Art will do. It's not that tough.

    I think Ed will continue his plan to strengthen downtown, get the mill going again and try to bring business to Route 3.

    head bump or mental?

    Serious question. Your answers seem to be evasive and not well thought out. You always seem to answer a question with a question and that's odd to me. You also don't answer the obvious questions. You would be considered a tough or hostile witness in a court. Just my observation, not knowing you personally.

    I stated facts you can't dismiss but are swept under

    But you see sir, you didn't state fact. You stated opinion, some based on rumor. I asked you for facts such as Art's plan. Easy to do. Why not do it or just end this charade?

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