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    Posted by BetterGC on March 19, 2017, 7:45 pm

    All those threads to long now.

    Opie you continue to want info on art but give nothing of why ed should be in four more years after 12 of doing nothing.

    Opie you have respect for firefighters and I appreciate but what did you mean when asking me about head bump or mental? One of the best firefighters on that dept had to go off with PTSD and a serious matter. Guy gave his life to the job and knew how to run a dept and was the bravest guy I ever knew or serve under me. He knew far more then me as well.

    Worker A you attack for no reason.

    Wally I like your outside point of view as always good to have but I went with your joke then you get pissy?

    Opie you say anyone is rambling that does not agree with you. I stated facts you can't dismiss but are swept under. Every Job has good and bad and FD and PD no exception. So while glad you support not all are the same. Just reality.

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