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    Posted by I am a hipster on June 30, 2016, 11:15 pm, in reply to "Re: Disgraceful"

    Hell back in the day Kenny Davis called the Mad Cow Sheriff at almost every Town Meeting where people would flock in there on the one time of the year where they made and passed the resolutions themselves. He actually had someone drag some guy out of there for bringing a video camera. And Kenny would require a change of his Depends whenever someone made a FOIA request that he couldnt deny, but Irv Slate gladly wiped his axx and changed it for him. But mostly he liked the presence of Mad Cows.

    Jim Denham the previous mayor of PB routinely had the walls of the village hall lined with PB cops to intimidate during some meetings. His fat axxed lawyer never left his side because he couldnt or wouldnt speak for himself. Either the lawyer or Little Charlie the Chief was always at his side even at polling places where it was against the law.

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