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    Posted by Millgirl on June 28, 2016, 11:47 pm, in reply to "Re: Secret Debt"

    Not sure if the Firemen and Police Pension Funds have been raided....I do know some of the problem with their pension is that if they have knee,back, shoulder etc surgery they usually are declared disabled (if they can no longer serve as firemen)...they get full pension if they have worked a relatively short time (not sure, but I think 20 years). I know many who have this "disability" who retire, draw full disability (mostly taxpayer funded)..now have other full time employment along with the permanent disability pension and insurance. Many are 50years old or a bit younger.....many years drawing pension and insurance...and taxpayers are paying for this "disability"

    I think they should not be able to draw "disability pension" If they are able to hold other full time jobs...Nobody can do that and draw Social Security Disaility...Time for public pensions to get more in line with the rest of the working people...(just my opinion)

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